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The Tree Skirt Shop

Like Linus taught us all, every tree needs a little love. Swaddle your tree with quality, unique tree skirts from Hollyberry.


Unique to Hollyberry & Co., miniskirts are designed for small and table-top trees. Each skirt is made from quality fabric and features an elastic cinch with toggle - adjustable to fit your tree to a tee. In addition to a custom fit, the center cinch provides a beautiful ruffle that will make your tree skirt ruffle and shine every time - no fluffing or adjusting required. Click the link below to shop all of our available colors and designs. 

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Hollyberry miniskirts come in a variety of colors and fabrics. We recommend these tree skirts for trees ranging from 1 - 3 feet in height. Take a look at all of the styles available in our online store, or give us a call to ask about in-store offerings! 

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Our miniskirts look great out from under the tree too! Need a window valance or edging for your table? Add a splash of color around your centerpiece. Our skirts can be used for these purposes too! Check out photos in our gallery for additional design ideas.