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Our first year in Tulsa, Hollyberry focused on bringing shoppers a truly unique holiday shopping experience. Word spread fast, and over the next few years we established a reputation for being the most exceptional Christmas store in the Tulsa area! Since that time, we’ve expanded to offer items for shoppers of every season, the whole year-round. We take pride in offering gift and home decor items that you can’t find anywhere else in town, and hope you’ll stop by often to see what’s new.

In addition to home decor, we offer pure vanilla, honeys, pure maple syrup, specialty foods and drinks - all sourced from small businesses we love and support around the country.  Stop by Hollyberry & Company in KingsPointe Village to see what’s in store for you!  We’d love to help you find just the right thing to suit your style. 


Everyday Gifts

Find some inspiration for yourself or someone you care about. Hollyberry has a variety of gift items to choose from. Shop for the simple things or the unique items. It’s a fun place to shop and find surprises around every corner. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ve got your back. 

Check out our lighting, wall art, candles, vases, food items and treats to keep your seasons exciting.


Seasonal Surprises

We want to help you put a smile on your face and those you love…now who wouldn’t love one of these little rescue pups!? At Hollyberry, we believe in embracing every season of life. As Summer continues and Fall arrives, we desire to help you find those perfect accents and gifts to share with others or to update your own home decor! We’re confident we can help you find just what you’re looking for. Click the link below to learn more about our store!